The cost of meeting basic WASH standards in health care facilities – Preliminary Findings

A set of slides detailing the preliminary findings of the cost of meeting basic WASH standards in health care facilities. Note, the data in these slides should not be cited.

Costing of WASH in health care facilities: Working document

WHO and UNICEF are working to develop a costing for WASH in health care facilities. If you have additional costing information to contribute to this document, please contact

Budgeting for Environmental Health Services in Healthcare Facilities: A Ten-Step Model for Planning and Costing

Based on 47 studies selected through a systematic review, a model for budgeting WASH in Healthcare Facilities was developed, comprising ten steps in three phases: planning, data collection, and synthesis.

Investment case for water, sanitation and hygiene in Eritrea

The Government of Eritrea, with support from UNICEF, has developed the 2019–2030 OneWASH Strategy and Investment Plan to achieve universal access to safe drinking water and sanitation. The plan’s strategic objectives reflect key Sustainable Development Goal 6 targets in which WASH in health centers is one of them. A total budget of US$674,357,0006 is required to implement OneWASH. Out of this, 55,643,000 USD will be required for establishing WASH services in institutions.