A letter from civil society to WHO

93 organizations and 77 individuals have signed a letter calling on Member States and the World Health Organization to support the WASH in health care facilities proposed resolution

Partnership for Improving Health System Resilience in Laamu Atoll, Maldives

WHO is one of the 7 members of the UN Country team in the Maldives supporting the Low Emission Climate Resilient Development project. This Reports describes the initiation of green health care waste management systems.

Meeting the challenge: responding tothe global call to action on WASH in health care facilities

Reports from the two-day strategic meeting held in Geneva, May 2018, to determine the response to the UN-Secretary General Call to Action on WASH in HCF

Global Action Plan to combat antimicrobial resistance – Water and Sanitation and Environmental Drivers

A Presentations from a Round table on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene and Antimicrobial Resistance, hosted by SHARE and the Antimicrobial Resistance Centre at LSHTM, June 2017.

Global Learning Event 2017: WASH in HCF action-oriented solutions and learning

Reports of the three-day global meeting on WASH in health care facilities, held in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Crafting multisector coordination mechanisms to sustain national level action

A Presentations by WaterAid at the 2017 UNC Water and Health Conference