Elevating the Role of Cleaners in Healthcare Facilities: A Guidance Note

This document is a guidance note on elevating the role of cleaners in healthcare facilities written by Hayley Schram, Lindsay Denny, and Global Water 2020 in preparation for 'Thank Your Cleaner Day' on October 21. This document proposes 12 actions to elevate cleaners in healthcare facilities and provides resources for key stakeholders, organizations, and individuals working with or interested in environmental cleanliness and cleaners.

WASH: Histoire de Réussite

L’approche Centre de Santé Assaini (CSA) a démarré dans 2 Divisions Provinciales de la Santé (DPS) regroupant 35 Centres de Santé (CS) avec appui USAID’s flagship Maternal and Child Survival Program (MCSP). The Clean Clinic Approach has been rolled out in 2 provincial health districts, including 35 health centres with support from USAID's flagship program, MCSP.