Compassion, wash & quality of care

Those of you who are familiar with WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) understandwhy it is essential for quality health services.

Supporting resilient communities through sustainable WASH and energy services in health care facilities

Hear the 2021 Stockholm World Water Week event with WHO, UNICEF, FCDO, SIDA and WaterAid. It focuses on the integration between WASH, energy and climate resilience in healthcare facilities including case studies who have begun integrating energy and climate in their WASH programming or policy activities. A poll of session participants found that 50% were currently integrating both energy and climate into WASH in healthcare facilities.

WASH FIT draft package – instructions for review

WASH FIT has been updated and is available for review from 19th August until 20th September 2021. If you are interested to contribute to the review process, all the details can be found in this document. Thank you in advance your interest and contributions. Any questions, please email

WASH FIT assessment form – FRENCH

The updated WASH FIT assessment form which accompanies WASH FIT 2.0 is now available in French.

Global taskforce – role, responsibilities and outputs

This note makes the case for establishing a Global Taskforce on water, sanitation, hygiene and waste (WASH) in health care facilities, what it would achieve, and how it would function.

WASH FIT assessment form (2021)

The WASH FIT assessment form is now available in Excel. This new version is part of the 2021 updated WASH FIT package. A version of the form on Kobo Toolbox is under development and a link will be provided here, and shared via the newsletter, in due course.

Taskforce on WASH in Health Care Facilities: Insights from Facility Improvements

Slides from the July 2021 Taskforce call on WASH in health care facilities, focused on facility improvements. Includes insights from Indonesia, Tajikistan, Zimbabwe, and Liberia.

Global Water 2020 Legacy Assets

As Global Water 2020 sunsets, we are pleased to share a wide selection of materials we have aggregated and generated, with the hope you will find these helpful as you keep up the momentum and continue your important WASH in HCF work.  Please make use of these assets and share them widely! With thanks on behalf of the Global Water 2020 team.

WASH in HCF Evaluation and Reporting Tools

When assessing WASH in healthcare facility surveys, tasks such as cleaning and analyzing the data, and reporting back to facilities can be time-consuming and/or require unavailable expertise. This tool was created to address those tasks as part of The Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development's initiative to evaluate WASH in 150 of its healthcare facilities and provide support. It has since been adapted so that others could use it for data analysis and reporting. These tools evaluate a quick WASH in healthcare facility survey (~45 minutes) to assess which facilities meet basic JMP standards, and create reports that highlight each facilities' Strengths, what issues could be addressed without additional funding (Minor Issues to Resolve), and what issues require additional funding to resolve (Major Issues to Resolve). These reports and the next steps document should be sent to each facility, and may also be helpful when seeking funding. These tools are available for both R and Excel, in both English and French. The R version automatically produces facility reports, and the Excel version provides all prompts that need to be pasted into the reports. The Excel version is recommended for organizations evaluating less healthcare facilities (e.g. <20), and the R version is recommended for organizations evaluating many facilities. Prior experience with R is not required. Descriptions of how to use the tools and what files are provided are in the intro tab for the Excel tool, and the file titled README Guide to Using the Tool.docx. If you have any questions about these tools, please contact

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