HCFs Assessment report-Pakistan

Pakistan Scoping Study to Establish a Baseline for Reporting to SDGs for WASH in Health Care Facilities

Assessment of water, sanitation and hygiene service availability in healthcare facilities in the greater Kampala metropolitan area, Uganda

A cross-sectional study was conducted in 60 HCFs in Uganda. Availability of WASH services in the study HCFs was assessed using a validated WASH Conditions (WASHCon) tool comprising of structured interviews, HCF observations and microbial water quality analysis.

How to conduct a situational analysis – methodology document

This document describes an approach for conducting a national situational analysis of water, sanitation hygiene (WASH) as a basis for improving quality of care. A situational analysis is the first of the eight “practical steps” recommended by WHO and UNICEF as a means to trigger action to improve and sustain WASH in health care facilities, a prerequisite for providing quality care.

Global progress report on WASH in health care facilities: Fundamentals first

This global progress report on WASH in health care facilities comes at an unprecedented moment, when coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is exposing key vulnerabilities in health systems, such as inadequate infection prevention and control. WASH services in health care facilities, so often taken for granted – or as this report highlights, outright neglected – are needed more than ever to protect vulnerable health workers and patients. The report identifies major global gaps in WASH services, describes global responses and country case studies. WHO press release, Monday 14 December Infographics in all UN languages

Water Supply and Sanitation Accessibility into Health Care Facilities Especially for Maternity Ward / Labour Wards

This report presents the data collected from certain health facilities with delivery rooms that in Papua New Guinea. It aims to provide statistical data for the development of “WASH INTO HEALTH CARE FACILITY POLICY”; and guidelines for the design of water supply, sanitation and also enable, stimulate and promote appropriate hygiene practices in the health facilities.

Situational Analysis of IPC & WASH in the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services

A situational analysis of IPC/WASH conducted with the support of the Director of Health Services, which aimed to generate baseline data for future comparison, identify gaps and create awareness of the importance of IPC/WASH and develop a roadmap for IPC/WASH improvement for the CBC Health Services.

Cambodia: Achieving universal health coverage through better water, sanitation and hygiene in health care facilities

A situational analysis carried out in 2017 and updated in 2019 for publication of this report. To find other examples of national situational analyses (e.g. Ethiopia, Ghana, Rwanda, Serbia), search for the tag "situation analysis".

National situational analysis of WASH in health care facilities in Serbia

This report presents the results of a comprehensive national assessment in Serbia – one of the first countries in  he Region to take concrete action to respond to the World Health Assembly resolution. The assessment collected evidence on the WASH conditions in health care facilities to identify gaps in implementation of the national requirements, to evaluate the routine monitoring system and financing, and to inform the development of advanced indicators.

Assessment of water, sanitation and hygiene in HCFs: which tool to follow?

A review of nine available assessment tools for WASH in HCF published in Reviews on Environmental Health.