CRS COVID-19 response: Emergency factsheet

A summary of what Catholic Relief Services (CRS) are doing to support the COVID-19 response.

Clean And Timely Care In Hospital For Institutional Transformation (CATCH-IT)

CATCH-IT is an Ethiopian initiative designed to improve quality of care, timely access to basic services and revitalisation of hospital reform initiatives for institutional transformation.

Situational analysis of WASH in health care facilities in Ethiopia

One of a series of situational analyses conducted by WHO in Ethiopia (November 2018), Ghana (February 2019) and Rwanda (June 2019). The analysis involved key informant interviews and facility visits and builds on an initial assessment conducted in July 2016.

Ethiopia country update

An update of country progress prepared for the 2019 Global Meeting on WASH in health care facilities, held in Livingstone, Zambia (9-11 September 2019)

Millennium Water Alliance WASH in Health Care Facilities Ethiopia Convening Report

Millennium Water Alliance in partnership with Stanford University organized meetings and workshops in Addis Ababa to present the findings of a WASH in HCF assessment in Ethiopia, analyze the root causes of poor WASH services in HCFs and brainstorm potential impactful solutions.

Case study of WASH in HCF in Ethiopia and Kenya: Key findings and takeaways

A case study from 11 facilities in Ethiopia and 9 in Kenya where the Millennium Water Alliance (MWA) and other NGOs operate

Ethiopia: Clean and Safe Health facility (CASH) Initiative

A case study presented at the Global Learning Event, Nepal, 2017.